CEO & Executive Producer
Evo Heyning

Evo Heyning is an award-winning producer, technologist, founder and creator focused on the future of participatory media. As a systems designer Evo focuses on collaborative teams that work across fields, sectors and platforms to create meaningful global endeavors. Evo has created virtual beings, worlds and campaigns for 20 years.

As a technical and creative producer Evo created and produced over 500 hours of livestreaming events in 2020 including conferences, festivals, screenings, weddings and funerals, corporate parties, collaboration workshops, arts performances and educational events. Evo's previous work in Hollywood included co-founding an award-winning practical FX team, producing major livestreaming concerts and campaigns for the White House including the launch of the Affordable Care Act and virtual worlds for diplomacy, civic engagement and nonprofit development.

Sample of book contributions: Exponential Transformation/Organizations, Innovating Women, Visions of Global Justice, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit, A Mindful Nation, A New Culture of Learning. Evo has won awards for screenwriting, machinima video game production and XR/VR applications. As a consulting producer Evo serves teams creating groundbreaking new works such as Silence in Paradise and Journey to Wild Cacao. Evo is creating new worlds and channels for participatory media as part of the Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Science Lab to create systems that work for 100% of life.

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